Content: A Complete Toolkit of Leadership Skills

GELP'S leadership program (LDP), roadmap to sucess


The aim of this module is to help participants to prepare activities and content that will be used during the program. The focus will be put on Finance foundations, Leadership Development (LD), Action Learning Projects (ALP), pre-work and assigned readings.
  • E-Finance Online
  • Leadership Development
  • Assigned readings
 + ALP Pre-Work

Management in a Changing Environment

The first on-campus module offers a broad perspective on the issues related with relevant changes in the global business environment and how they are influencing key strategic decisions and global operations. To prepare for it participants will start the Leadership Development Program, a process of improving leadership capabilities and self-assessment. Moreover, after a workshop on team work effectiveness, participants will focus on the ALP.
  • Global Business Environment
  • Leadership Development
  • High-Performance Virtual Teams
  • Competitive Strategies and Value Chain Management
  • Global Operations
  • Global Marketing
  • Field visits/Cultural Visits/Managing Director Forums
  • Finance Tutorials

Inter-Module · Bridging Knowledge

Positioned between the two on-campus tracks, this module has the aim of bridging part of the content related to Finance, the ALP and the Leadership Development Program. In the meanwhile, the Strategic Business Simulation will also start and some virtual sessions on business fundamentals will be offered.
  • E-Finance Online Module
  • Strategic Business Simulation
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Leadership Development
  • Pre-Readings
  • Assigned readings
+ ALP 

Managing Value Creation

This on-campus intensive module provides frameworks and tools that emerging leaders could find useful in strategy, design and implementation, starting with the need to develop creativity and innovation, evaluate the financial impact of each decision, manage cross-cultural issues in the global environment and seek an effective change management. During this module, participants will have the opportunity to present their ALPs and to attend coaching meetings.
  • Leadership Development
  • Workshop on Creativity and Innovation
  • Financial Business Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Cross-Cultural Management and Global HR Management
  • International Marketing
  • Digital Business
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Business Simulation (presentations)
  • One-to-one coaching sessions
  • Field visits/Cultural Visits/Managing Director Forums
  • Change Management Simulator


The debrief of the Leadership Development course will take place in this module through virtual coaching sessions. The E-finance course will also be completed to help build an exhaustive framework of Financial Business Analysis through a final assignment.
  • Leadership Development - One-to-one coaching sessions
  • Finance Final Assignment
GELP Global Emerging Leaders Program